short film fund


Dictionary Definition: (n) belonging naturally;

Our Definition: (n) Intrinsic is a film fund that focuses solely on curating, developing, and/or financing perspectives that are essential to our everyday narrative.


Short films are a powerful tool to help diverse emerging filmmakers prove to the world that they are ready for the next step in their career, but they are not easy to get funded.

Our aim is to showcase stories from different perspectives on worlds we’ve never seen before or worlds we have seen but from a new angle. Our fund helps to curate and support a diverse range of artists who have the skill and talent to be in the forefront of storytelling and are ready to take the steps to getting their feature film off the ground.


Break New Voices

We want to showcase new directors who have not yet made a feature length film and expose them to tastemakers in the industry.

Build A Legacy

The Intrinsic Film Fund is a program for emerging, diverse, filmmakers to be discovered and guided up to the breakthrough of their career.

Create A Pipeline

Our shorts will show the emerging filmmakers who deserve to be recognized, hired, and supported.

we support:
BIPOC, LGBTQ, Immigrants, 1st and 2nd Gen, Women


  • Filmmakers must represent a marginalized community who lacks representation in Hollywood.
  • There must be a script already written.
  • Filmmakers must have NOT shot a feature film before but may have directed a music video, short film, branded content, etc.
  • We are looking for stories that humanize diverse characters.


  • Artistic quality of previous work For your submitted film:
    1. Novelty
    2. Relevance to market/alignment with market forces
    3. Artistic quality of submission
    4. Genre
    5. Strength of proposed story from a diverse perspective
  • Perceived ability to carry out the project successfully

to Include

  1. Personal statement (please include how your short is a proof of concept for a feature)
  2. Examples of previous work
  3. Script
  4. Letters of reference (not required)


Please email