The Spite House


Feature - the spite house

The Masson House of Degener, Texas is like the corpse of an old monster, too strange and feared for most to approach it much less live in it. Current owner, Eunice Houghton is determined to discover the house’s secrets no matter how much it costs. Eric Ross is desperate for cash. He’d do anything so he and his daughters could stop running from their dark pasts. When Eunice meets Eric he is at a breaking point. She offers him the chance to move in to document the veracity of the house’s curses, for a price that could change his life. He’s all in, hopeful the house will give his daughters the future he has always dreamed of but as soon as he moves in, Eric learns the Spite House is indeed haunted and has no intention of letting him out….


Writer: Jason Markarian
Partner: Vertigo Entertainment
IP: Based on the novel The Spite House

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